Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to All and Best of the Season!

"If there's no audience, there ain't no show" - from the lyrics of the song Raino by Chilliwack

Thank you to everyone who blogs here and continues to support and offer their thoughts on issues concerning the community of North Vancouver.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gambling Issue on the North Shore rears its head yet again

In consideration for a pitch to its Waterfront, the City of North Vancouver Council has requested a Staff report so they can more deeply study the issue. North Shore News columnist Trevor Carolan writes about this issue and others sensitive to the North Shore.

 Christmas wishes and worries

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Environmental Vandalism on Kilmer Creek?

For the past 10 years concerned District citizen Doug Carter has had a battle on his hands.  Doug likes to hike the Kilmer Creek Trail on Fromme Mountain, but the Trail suffers from severe erosion because someone keeps diverting the Creek in several places from its natural flow making it spill over the trail.  Doug is at a loss trying to figure out why someone keeps diverting the Creek nonetheless he keeps re-diverting it as much as possible and claims to have spent as much as 1500 hours of his own time doing so. Carter has alerted District Parks Staff as to the situation over the troublesome ten year period, but in that time has only managed to have staff visit the site on two occasions and recently Parks workers did re-divert the creek in two or three crucial areas. But it's still an erosion nightmare and the the Creek keeps being mysteriously diverted.   DNV Parks erected two signs in 2005 stating the applicable by-law which warns that disruption of the Creek is unlawful, but Carter says that a couple of visits by staff is inadequate and even with the posting of the by-law signs the Creek diversions continue. Carter wants the diversions to stop because it is destroying established hiking trails and costing DNV taxpayers thousands of dollars in trail remedial work in the way of the construction of board walk and time for District employees to, occasionally, pull these diversions. In an email response recently from Acting Parks Manager Susan Rogers to Mr. Carter, Ms. Rogers wrote, " In the next week, we will be installing an advisory sign at the diversion location, and request the public to contact Parks if they see anyone moving rocks and stones." Carter believes this is a start, but it is not getting to the root of the problem.