Monday, February 24, 2014

An open letter to candidates for the 2014 Municipal Election has been covering North Vancouver political issues for almost four municipal elections cycles. It usually gets a little more exciting around here during an election year and in fact the blog was born in 2005 primarily to cover that years' election. On that note, the blog would like to extend an invitation to all candidates who are planning to run in this November's Election to email us here at with your views, candidacy profiles, and platforms etc. for posting here so that the  community may become just that much more informed as to who they are voting for.

Happy Politicking!
John Sharpe administrator


Anonymous said...

For the District you are likely to see:

Richard Walton

Mike Little
Roger Bassam
Doug Mackay-Dunn
Lisa Muri

Franci Stratton
Mike McGraw
Barry Forward
Cindy Gerlach

I think Alan Nixon is retiring, and Robin Hicks is a maybe. Of course all seats are up for grabs, but there will only be one or two council seats without an incumbent challenging.

Barry Forward or Mike McGraw could potentially run for council, and would probably be good additions to the incumbants.

Anonymous said...

For the City:

Darrell Mussatto

Don Bell
Linda Buchanan
Rod Clark
Craig Keeting

Christie Sacré
Lisa Bayne

Guy Heywood has said he is out, and I think Pam Bookham is a maybe. I wouldn't be surprised to see Susan Skinner switch to council.

John Sharpe said...

Wow, how appropriate! It was just reported on CBC news that the Province has decided that municipal elected officials will serve for 4 years instead of 3. That could be a game changer.

Are all you candidates ready to serve that extra year?

Not entirely sure if it is effective from this years; election.

Anonymous said...

CKNW is reporting it as taking effect this year.

Anonymous said...