Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tony Valente to run for CNV

Mr. Tony Valente is putting the word out that he is running for City Council this November. He is seeking the public's support early as a new candidate. He has been serving the community as Vice President of the North Van Urban Forum (, Chair of the Low Level Road and Port Area Community Liaison Committee, and a vocal member representing residents on the Central Waterfront Brand Development Committee.

Based on input from contacts across the City Tony has identified 5 priorities that make up his election platform:

- Balanced Growth - Guide Development to improve our quality of life based on the OCP
- Control Future Tax Increases - Prudent fiscal management of your tax dollars
- Transportation and Traffic - Advocate for and find solutions
- Advance Recreation, Arts, and Culture - Improve Recreation Facilities and Public Spaces
- Prosperous City - Create an environment where residents and businesses succeed together

To find out more about these priorities, and what Tony offers please see:



Anonymous said...

Will Mr. Valente be joining George Pringle's amalgamation slate?

Anonymous said...

Not if he wants votes from anyone other than the fringe element.

Anonymous said...

The "fringe element" is growing stronger everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Supporting amalgamation is one thing, but I doubt any serious politician is going to align himself with George. Of course, Mr. Valente is welcome to come here and speak for himself. Do serious politicians come to this blog anymore?

Anonymous said...



Bill and Dot Bell said...

I've read his website and I like what I have read so far. Tie for some fresh blood on NVC council. Its nice to see some positive thoughts about North Vancouver City rather than just complaining about council.