Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Here is a first...


Anonymous said...

Site's not up yet. Maybe you could tell us about yourself here in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Are you both really running for Council?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, So the Ballot will say...

Bill Bell
Don Bell
Dorothy Bell

Oh Don is going to be choked.

Bill and Dot Bell said...

Here is Dorothy Bell's abbreviated background
Summary CV
Columnist Newfoundland Herald
Post Graduate Work, Environmental Development
Executive Director Recycling Council of British Columbia
Elected School Trustee, Chair of the Board Burnaby
Awarded the Canadian Commemorative Medal for Community Development
Korean recognition award for Cultural Development. Korean diplomatic education mission.
Appointed Hazardous Waste Commissioner for the Province of British Columbia; responsible for Expo Lands, soils, Industrial Hazardous Waste, Biomedical Waste, Household Hazardous Waste
Received the International Hazardous Waste Award for Policy Development
Elected School Trustee, North Vancouver
Awarded the Real Hero of Mexico
Appointed Warden for the Canadian Government

Bill and Dot Bell said...

Amalgamation candidate George Pringle bows out of City race

Anonymous said...

It appears this blog has been co-opted by Bill Bell & Co.

It's also interesting that the parameters to prove you're not a robot have changed to simply 3 clear #s.

Anonymous said...

So Bill and Dot, for those of us who don't know who you are, are you going to tell us about yourselves? What's your platform? What drives you? Why are running after, what appears to be, a long absence from the political scene. There are plenty of young, new residents of the North Shore (and not just the District) who are listening.

Bill and Dot Bell said...

Co opted? I don't think so...It appears that there are very few people posting here anymore and that is a shame. It needs a lot more postings to get it back to the vibrant state that it once had. As for my background and platform and that of Dorothy? It is being worked on. I hope Mr. Anonymous 3{46 is correct and there is "plenty of young, new residents" on the North Shore.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bill, all you really need to do is take a walk down Lonsdale to the Quay one summer evening, or visit any of the local parks to see the young people and new families that have moved here in the past 10 years. If you want us to know that you are a viable option worthy of our interest come out and meet us. Most importantly, show us that you have anything to offer that we could get behind. I doubt you'll find many on this blog as we're usually busy living life.

Bill and Dot Bell said...

thanks folks...
I live in Lower Lonsdale, and we walk everywhere for two reasons, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the other is that I am an avid photographer. I was raised in Lower Lonsdale and lived the first 50 years of my life in North Vancouver. Lower Lonsdale activities have included sitting on the Board of North shore Neighbourhood House, Presentation House...Museum, Gallery and theater.
You can check out my photography here
My history is very deep here on the North Shore, having gone to school here, College, worked as a reporter for the North shore news for 15 years, a Political columnist for another 5 years. I raised my children here, sat on city council for 12 years and was a steady contributor to this board for many years.
Yes I am getting old, but I still think I have a lot to offer my community.

Anytime, anyone wants a coffee you can call me at 7782514303 or email at And bring any of your friends...

Anonymous said...

"I live in Lower Lonsdale,..." and "we walk..."

The rest of your comment was I...I...I. and me, me and my.

I thought you and your wife were both running.

Perhaps Dot should get her own handle.

Bill and Dot Bell said...

Well I was writing it and it was about me for the most part. Dorothy does have her own handle and you are correct I should take her off of this old google handle.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell does Dorothy know about this? We need to hear from the other candidate. Otherwise this blog is in error.

Anonymous said...

For those wanting to check out Bill, you can put his name in the search at the top left of this, and you'll end up with his assessment of the 2011 municipal election in part.

It may be that few people are commenting, but there are many reading the postings.

What will you offer the community Bill?

Bill Bell said...

Don't shoot the messenger "
It may be that few people are commenting, but there are many reading the postings." But according to Blogger there are not many people viewing these posts. To date only 32 views of this posting which would include the 5 times I've been to this page.
Please don't get me wrong...I think this blog deserves a great deal more attention from the public. If you don't have access to the number of views for this blog here is the page

George Pringle said...

Not a first.

In Richmond in 2008 and in 2 or 3 elections before that elected a council with:

Greg Halsey Brandt
Sue Halsey Brandt
Evalina Halsey Brandt

One woman was Greg's wife and one his ex-wife, I can't recall which is which.

Only Evalina ran in 2011. She won.