Monday, October 27, 2014

North Shore Reunification Committee Report to Council

Link to the report:


Anonymous said...

A huge amount of work conducted by some credible participants. A comprehensive identification of "next steps" required to determine the benefit (or lack thereof) of amalgamation.

Would love to see some momentum to, at least, move to the analysis phase and give us an overview of whether or not amalgamation serves a positive purpose.

Barry Rueger said...

Actually a good start at defining what work would need to be done before heading off into Amalgamationland.

"The Committee’s mandate was to determine the depth and breadth of analysis required to develop a fulsome understanding of the complexities of reunification. This mandate has been fulfilled."

I was intrigued to see that almost every DNV Candidate supported Amalgamation in some way.

Although it seems highly unlikely that West Vancouver would amalgamate with anyone. Except perhaps Point Grey.

Griffin said...

I too think that the only rational suggestion for amalgamation is the two North Vancouvers. West Vancouver is in a class of its own and I don't see any benefit whatsoever to them joining with the rest of the North shore municipalities, or, truth be told, the two North Vancouvers joining them. Do we want taxes to go even higher? I didn't think so.