Monday, November 03, 2014

Council watchers interviewed by 24 Hour News

As part of a continuing election series investigating all the municipalities in Metro Vancouver, Lyle Craver and John Sharpe are asked about the issues in the two North Vancouver's.

                                        Articles are on pages 6 and 7.


Anonymous said...

Carver? Not Craver?

Anonymous said...

It's 24 hours, what do you expect?

I do have to challenge Mr. Craver on one aspect. If you decide that you are going to add X number of units to the community, it absolutely makes the most sense to put those units close to major transportation infrastructure such as highways and bus depots. If you put those drivers three kilometers from the on ramps then every day they will block up the road for six kilometers of use. If you put them right next to major transportation infrastructure then they will only block the local roads for 600 yards a day? Perhaps?

Yes you have to remove the bottle-necks and improve the areas immediately around the developments, but isn't that exactly what the council is doing through the Keith Road bridge widening and the Extension project? Plus the project the Mayor alluded to in the newspaper last week?

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse them with facts, Anon 6:08. They don't suit their prejudices...

Anonymous said...

The North Shore is only as good as its two bridges. No amount of planning is going to alleviate the kind of traffic snarls we are going to see as more people come onto the North Shore to live in ticky tacky condos. That is a sober fact. We are not going to see another bridge built. Are we? We are not going to have any car ferries any time soon.

So just how are we going to alleviate traffic jam woes when our two bridges get in the way of such utopian traffic infrastucture ideals? What may work for Burnaby and Vancouver, doesn't work for the North Shore, and for those living in the Sea to Sky Hwy corridor. They are building a lot of homes and condos, too.

Perhaps we need flying cars and buses. Makes as much sense.

Anonymous said...

How about fewer single occupant cars and more buses?

Barry Rueger said...


Ok, then how about we build a third Seabus, and then use that to increase service from Lonsdale Quay?

Anonymous said...

There is a third sea bus, it just isn't being used.

Anonymous said...

Fewer cars? What Luddite universe do you live in? Carrying groceries, lots of babies, your tools, then get off the bus and hoof it in the rain uphill for a half-mile or so to your home.

Get real.

Cars and trucks are the backbone of our economy and lifestyle.

How about wider and safer lanes for the cars (stop traffic bulges and diminishing road width to unsafe levels - see Mahon Park), elevated roadways on bridges and through Stanley Park, a ring-road highway (see Europe) to take the through traffic off of the main traffic grid, and far more (free) multi-level parking lots?