Sunday, November 16, 2014

North Shore election Results

District of North Vancouver

City Of North Vancouver

District of West Vancouver


Anonymous said...

more of the same ol', same ol'. don't see any real change in any of the councils. Holly back new in City. Hanson and Bond in the District with Bassam dropping in popularity. A lawyer and a mountain biker/pro engineer terrific..not sure about changes in West Van. As usual the incumbents with name recognition and machines and money to re-elect reign supreme. Hopefully newly elected candidates can add some real value to council (DNV) but i wouldn't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

And only a 19.5% voter turnout in the DNV.

selc said...

The City of North Vancouver is now a dictatorship and no longer a democracy. This the worst situation for the citizens of the City as there will not be any real discussions on anything. Whatever Keating wants Keating will get. Look out renters in 3 story walk ups because the bulldozers will not be far away. Poor Clark and Bookham might as well taking some reading material because the others will shut them out of any thing they may disagree with. This is a really horrible nightmare and 4 years of it. This is hell

Anonymous said...

The whole of North Van City is at risk to over development.

As Michelle Binkley has said Christmas
has come early(for her). While every other
resident"s zoning is at risk. This is an NDP slate,
not opposed to growth and densification but
with this new council,it will be out of control.
Mussatto night of election saying another sea bus and
B line buses will solve the transportation problem. Are the buses going to hop, skip and jump in gridlock.
There are just as many people that are as unhappy with these election results than are happy. Does this make it a settled community,I don"t think so.

Anonymous said...

Voter turnout in the DNV was 24.5%, but thanks for coming out.

Anonymous said...

From today's North Shore News email:

Voter turnout trickled downward to 19.75 per cent. In 2011, 21 per cent of district residents cast a ballot.

Lyle Craver said...

DNV voter turnout (24.7%) is still a disgrace but 2008 was 16% while 2011 was 21%.

If I live to be 90 at this rate we might have an adequate voter turnout.

Does our mayor REALLY have to smoke crack and cavort with drug dealers to get a voter turnout over 50%?

(So far as I know, Toronto is the only major municipal election with voter turnout over 50% in the last 3 years)

Lyle Craver said...

By the way - Holly Back is no newcomer to municipal affairs - she's a former school trustee and has run for District Council. Her husband (now retired) was a senior manager in DNV - senior enough that they made him Interim Chief Administrative Officer between the terms of James Ridge and David Stuart in what I and others interpreted as a well-earned kudo to a long District career before retirement.

Barry Rueger said...

Just some idle calculations, based on the candidate profiles in the North Shore News. I used what was there to place each person as:
FOR Density
AGAINST density, or
SO VAGUE that you can't tell.

Then I tallied all votes for each group.

DNV votes to candidates:
FOR density 33,179
AGAINST density 6,227
VAGUE 31,396

CNV votes to candidates:
FOR density 16,634
AGAINST density 18,884
VAGUE 16,905

The other interesting tally was the amalgamation question.

In the DNV all mayoral and council candidates supported Amalgamation (except one who seemed to have no opinion)

In the CNV there were only three mayoral and council candidates out of twenty-one who stated they wanted amalgamation.

Which would pretty much suggest that it ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

DNV Voter Turnout

NS News did their calculation without including under voting.

Again, all they had to do was call the District to confirm their facts but they couldn't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Amazing Amalgamation George only got 375 votes would indicate it wasn't a priority in the CNV. Easy to tell candidates pro/anti density - the Mayor and his 'team' all pro development.

Or, could it be that voters were disgusted with George's antics under the direction of Darrell and dirty tricks.

Anonymous said...

City of North Vancouver will be better off in four years than being a laughing stock under Morris. Stick him and Clark in a room and you have a full anti-Semite and homophobic tag team.

Anonymous said...

A complete NDP slate on North Van City Council
All 4 should be provincial N.D.P., because that is how
The 3 have functioned. 5 social housing units, when we
need thousands. It is a provincial issue and the 3 are
making like they have done wonders!

Buchanan and Mussatto should join Keating with the NDP
They are corporate N.DP. with H.B. joining.

This is not an NDP riding.

Anonymous said...

to Thursday, November 20, 2014 3:59:00 pm

Wonder what you do in your dark dungeon? What a total gutless coward you are hiding under anonymous.
If you are going to make such disgusting and incorrect remarks how about telling you who you are - or are you afraid your masters Mussatto/Pringle might be angry with you?
Or maybe you are just waiting to sell your little dump in Moodyville and collect your million dollars to fight the lawsuit coming your way.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to condo"s all the way up the
Lonsdale corridors!

Quit destroying neighbourhoods.
What will HollyBlack care, she lives in the District.
Burnaby has massive development on the main corridor
and leaves the neighbourhoods.

At least there is rapid transit there.

Wasn't there a street car,Lonsdale 1920? Population of?

Anonymous said...

There was a street car because there were no cars.

8:12am, calling someone out because they are insulting people while anonymous, while YOU are insulting people anonymously is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

I believe street car service ended in 1947, or thereabouts. Since Lions Gate bridge opened nearly 10 years earlier, it's safe to say there were cars on the North Shore. So, anon 11:23 am your assertion that there were no cars is a little dubious.

Lyle Craver said...

In fairness, the streetcar service into Pemberton Heights ended about then because the bridge over McKay Creek burnt and neither City nor District had the money to rebuild it in the immediate post war period.

Given the height of the dip between McKay and Hamilton you aren't getting across north of Marine Drive without a bridge!

(Not sure about the exact date of the fire but around 1946-47)

Anonymous said...

But as usual, you guys have missed the point. The Street Car was put in in the 20's because there were no cars or drivers, by the 1940's there were lots of cars and diesel engine buses so when mishaps like the fire arose, there was less of a demand to replace the street cars. Also, the road infrastructure during that period was sketchy at best. Rail on ties was a lot easier to maintain than road base.

Anonymous said...

There most certainly were cars and drivers in North Vancouver during the 1920's. A simple perusal of archive photos will show you this. Commuters parked by the pier of the ferry terminal at the foot of Lonsdale.

Anonymous said...

Let's get a post up about Mike Little's run for MP.

Anonymous said...

He's a gentleman, I wish him all the best and will certainly vote for him next year.