Monday, December 29, 2014

Whither the Conservationists/Environmentalists?

In so many environmental arenas, as David Brower ( once said, every win is temporary, every loss permanent.  He was quick to remind us, knowing too well the cost of compromise: a half, of a half, of a half...a friend said.... leaves you with nothing. 
[photo by David Brower 8/6/26]

Compromise only decides how much we are willing to lose never how much we are able to gain.  To accept compromise as legitimate strategy, David Brower argued, that as conservationists we need to be unapologetic about our goals and our beliefs, that once we trade on those, we lose not only our campaigns, but our virtue and our credibility as well. As we know, the many conservation and environmental groups on our North Shore have compromised away too much over the past ten years or more. What damage has been done cannot be undone...

Dennis Coello, author of  “The Complete Mountain Biker,” says, “In this day of man’s increasingly mechanical approach to the outdoors, when thousands experience nature not for what it is through observation but as a playground, there aren’t many places left where one is guaranteed one won’t be run over by a Jeep or snowmobile or mountain bike. Preserving those areas ­ at the cost of a disgruntled few seems worth the price.”

I wish more mountain bike organizations shared Coello’s perspective. Unfortunately most leaders for organizations like the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), along with local biking groups, such as the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA), are among the most dedicated and aggressive mountain bikers. This group lobbies ceaselessly to open more trails on public land to mountain bike access. They will "win" again, a while conservation will lose in 2015, and beyond.

What does it mean, in the long term? Metro Vancouver no longer sees the Fromme watershed area in need of "protection" since the building of the new Capilano/Seymour filtration plant and tunnels. Are the mountain bikers actually "paving the way" for future road and housing development on Fromme?

There is also dialogue in the works between the various levels of government and the Squamish Nation over the future of Cove Forest, Blair Range, and Forest Mountain CMHC lands. You can be assured that these lands will be developed into pricey real estate, if this deal does go through. Even if it does not, we are left with damaged natural capital. What else would these forest lands be good for after the mountain bikers (pedal-powered and electric powered) have thoroughly razed the area in a few more years time, unabated?  

I, for one, will not be continuing this sad, futile fight for proper protection and management of our forests and wetlands in 2015, as the writing is clearly on the wall.  Conservation is left with nothing, while funding "washes downstream" for the mountain bikers.

If the battle for Maplewood Flats were being fought, today, it would most likely end up as a Shopping Mall and with condos all around it. The cost of compromise is clear. What we compromise, we lose. Yet, the aggressive mountain bikers have never compromised away their ideals, and refuse to compromise any of their trails ("No net trail loss") And that is going to cost us plenty, in the future. 
Whither the conservationists/environmentalists, today?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heated debate at District Council meeting

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Item 9.6.     Bylaws 8080 and 8094: Rezoning and Housing Agreement-             

Bylaws for a 16 Unit Apartment Project at 1591 Bowser Avenue made for good theater. Some councillors say there is consensus from the electorate to have a pause on        development and some say that a pause is the wrong thing to do.

Some quotes of note from the meeting;

"We should not be advancing any development proposals until after that meeting (a phased implementation plan meeting on January 21st)." - Counc. Muri

"To make a blanket statement of, "I'm not willing to support" prior to a matter would indicate a prejudice and perhaps a closed mind". - Counc. Bassam

"I'm calling for a pause and I believe the electorate supported a pause". - Counc. Hanson

"We can't just stop in mid progress".- Counc. Hicks

"We can't just stop the boat in the middle of the ocean". - Counc. Bond

"It's not prohibition, it's phased development so her (Counc. Muri) mind is in fact open".- Counc. MacKay-Dunn

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Blog is looking for some answers

With the Federal election coming up within the next year, who are the candidates in North Vancouver? And in North Burnaby-Seymour?

Has Mike Little actually been chosen or just nominated as the Tory candidate for NB-S? (If he was it didn't get much Press). With the current controversy over Kinder Morgan's possible pipeline expansion in Burnaby Mountain in this riding, should we be asking Mr. Little's what his position is? Or for that matter any candidate who will be running there?

According to the snail mail Andrew Saxton is trying to not go away.

Who are the Liberal candidates?

Who are the NDP candidates?

North Vancouver Election Results Analysis

Back on October the 11th. under the post 'All in' an anonymous
made the prediction below about the election results.
Except for Bill Bell to replace Craig Keating in the City which was
a bit odd, the prediction was accurate. While much of the return of 
incumbents of both elections was quite predictable, what stands 
out is the election of Mathew Bond to District council. This is a
candidate who pretty much came out of nowhere, but was 
elected on his first try. So why was he elected when he wasn't
broadly known in the community? 

Will the real anonymous stand up? 
   Anonymous said...

DNV Council (In Order)
Robin Hicks
Roger Bassam
Doug Mackay-Dunn
Lisa Muri
Mathew Bond
Jim Hanson

CNV Mayor
Darrell Mussatto

CNV Council
Don Bell
Linda Buchanan
Pam Bookham
Bill Bell
Rod Clark
Holly Back
Saturday, October 11, 2014 2:14:00 pm