Monday, December 29, 2014

Whither the Conservationists/Environmentalists?

In so many environmental arenas, as David Brower ( once said, every win is temporary, every loss permanent.  He was quick to remind us, knowing too well the cost of compromise: a half, of a half, of a half...a friend said.... leaves you with nothing. 
[photo by David Brower 8/6/26]

Compromise only decides how much we are willing to lose never how much we are able to gain.  To accept compromise as legitimate strategy, David Brower argued, that as conservationists we need to be unapologetic about our goals and our beliefs, that once we trade on those, we lose not only our campaigns, but our virtue and our credibility as well. As we know, the many conservation and environmental groups on our North Shore have compromised away too much over the past ten years or more. What damage has been done cannot be undone...

Dennis Coello, author of  “The Complete Mountain Biker,” says, “In this day of man’s increasingly mechanical approach to the outdoors, when thousands experience nature not for what it is through observation but as a playground, there aren’t many places left where one is guaranteed one won’t be run over by a Jeep or snowmobile or mountain bike. Preserving those areas ­ at the cost of a disgruntled few seems worth the price.”

I wish more mountain bike organizations shared Coello’s perspective. Unfortunately most leaders for organizations like the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), along with local biking groups, such as the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA), are among the most dedicated and aggressive mountain bikers. This group lobbies ceaselessly to open more trails on public land to mountain bike access. They will "win" again, a while conservation will lose in 2015, and beyond.

What does it mean, in the long term? Metro Vancouver no longer sees the Fromme watershed area in need of "protection" since the building of the new Capilano/Seymour filtration plant and tunnels. Are the mountain bikers actually "paving the way" for future road and housing development on Fromme?

There is also dialogue in the works between the various levels of government and the Squamish Nation over the future of Cove Forest, Blair Range, and Forest Mountain CMHC lands. You can be assured that these lands will be developed into pricey real estate, if this deal does go through. Even if it does not, we are left with damaged natural capital. What else would these forest lands be good for after the mountain bikers (pedal-powered and electric powered) have thoroughly razed the area in a few more years time, unabated?  

I, for one, will not be continuing this sad, futile fight for proper protection and management of our forests and wetlands in 2015, as the writing is clearly on the wall.  Conservation is left with nothing, while funding "washes downstream" for the mountain bikers.

If the battle for Maplewood Flats were being fought, today, it would most likely end up as a Shopping Mall and with condos all around it. The cost of compromise is clear. What we compromise, we lose. Yet, the aggressive mountain bikers have never compromised away their ideals, and refuse to compromise any of their trails ("No net trail loss") And that is going to cost us plenty, in the future. 
Whither the conservationists/environmentalists, today?


John Sharpe said...

What is that a picture of Mocrael? Is it perhaps archival of the Rice Lake area?

Compromise with the environment locally is a tough one. Obviously there has been much of it, indeed throughout the planet. With reference to Fromme I think many people think it's just one little corner of the world that's already screwed up so they think it doesn't really matter when compared to the rest of the GVRD which is clear cut, paved over, and highly populated.

Although thought by many to be a tad radical, I agree with the late David Frost that there are some areas that people just shouldn't be allowed to trespass at all in order to truly preserve them. Unfortunately Fromme Mountain was devastated with logging a century ago and has made some recovery, but with such a population and heavy usage of this beautiful area it's pretty difficult for a come back unless that usage is drastically curtailed. Probably not going to happen.

Mocrael said...

“Some of nature’s most exquisite handiwork is on a miniature scale, as anyone knows who has applied a magnifying glass to a snowflake.” — Rachel Carson.

It seems to me that mountain biking in designated wilderness and national parks is like playing tackle football in a historical museum. **There is probably a place for all activities but not all places are for all activities.**

How many streams [and ponds] must fill with silt, how many meadows must fill with ruts before we can say to ourselves, enough- even for me. When we can master self restraint we have won.

~"Larry", commenting on a MTB-based article in "The Wildlife News"

Mocrael said...

John, the photo was taken by David Brower in 1926, most likely somewhere on the high Sierras, in California. He was an environmental champion, with a legacy that should put mountain biking orgs, like the NSMBA, to shame!

Today's Environmental Activists Stand on David Brower's Shoulders

There are builders... and there are the destroyers... MTBers need to practice more self-restraint.

Anonymous said...

What stymies me most is that the District of North Vancouver supports a special interest group called the North Shore Mountain Bike Association.

This association is made up of 90 per cent males between the ages of 15 and 45.

Do these healthy men deserve taxpayers' money?

They do not.

Barry Rueger said...

Do these healthy men deserve taxpayers' money?

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that those "healthy men" are all tax payers.

More to the point they are active taxpayers who spend a heck of a lot of time making sure that council knows them and understands what they contribute to the North Shore economy and culture.

Heck, they even got one of their number elected to Council this time around.

There's nothing whatsoever to prevent the anti-biking crowd from doing the same - working Council, attending meetings, creating an active membership, and even running for Council.

If they can do it right, they can influence decision making.

(Sweet mother of God! It took thirteen stabs at the stupid Captcha before I found one I can guess at. I also suggest trying the audio version which is actually even less intelligible than the "text" version.)

Mocrael said...

Mountain bikes have been banned in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, recently. A couple sage comments that came out of the forest proceedings should prove to be a warning for public and parks land managers on the North Shore, also:

Comments made to the Forest Service at Cody, Wyo., on October 8, 2014:

“We know that the bicycles of today are not the bicycles of 15 years ago, and I don't have the slightest idea what the bicycles of 15 years from now will be. But I do know that people are now putting little tiny electric motors on bicycles. You can't really see them unless you're right with them. You can't really hear them unless you're right there. And that's like a whole 'nother piece of this Pandora's Box that is just waiting to spring open. So I think strongly that the only realistic solution to this problem in this particular area is a wilderness recommendation.”

“Also, now we have electric-powered mountain bikes. So what we have now going through the Dunoir is actually motorized vehicles. Mountain bikes are now motorized.”

(In fact, those stealth electric-powered mountain bikes are already here, seen on Fromme Mtn, recently. This is just the beginning.)

Bike stores are selling E-MTBs for off-road use. They are going to be used for off-road use. The next "war of the woods" will be fought between the MTB pedalheads and the MTB motorheads. Let the carnage begin! Who is going to stop it?

Where do we begin to draw the line at wreckreational pursuits inside our forest, or is it too late? I can't see anything good coming out of any of this, as long as gov't funding keeps being poured into any kind of off-road wreckreation inside our public forest land. Period.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Barry. There is something wrong with Robot captcha. It took me several tries to get through. John: Please fix it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the woman that was filmed building traps on mountain bike trails?

Anonymous said...

No, but I hope they throw the book at her. It's oner thing to oppose mountain biking and quite another to endanger peoples safety in such a way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was sick and tired of the mountain bikers taking over her walking trails. It is no less dangerous for MBers to put up ramps and jumps that impede her daily walks.

Anonymous said...

Don't be daft. The trails are for the use of everybody. She has no right to set traps to endanger the safety of another user.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should get a good definition of the word "trap" and also pay attention to the fact that the mountain bikers are losing their grip on their spin that they are doing good work in our forests and on our mountains and in our neighbourhoods.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the DNV regular meeting of Council on Monday is cancelled. No reason is given.

The CAO, Mr. Stuart stated that the "Independent Trails Report" would be released in January. I guess the January 19 regular meeting of council will be a full one.

Anonymous said...

Are you actually defending a person who has been caught on video setting traps that could cause injury and even death to other trail users? That's pretty despicable.

Mocrael said...

Sadly, due to the and other mountain bikers who spewed my good name all over the internet threatening violence and vandalism toward myself and the unnamed woman, I have been brutally ripped out of my attempted retirement on this futile issue.

I had really "closed up shop" on this MTB issue as of midnight on New Years. I just got sick and tired of the futility of it all. It was barely a week of peace, while pursuing the more peaceful pleasures of life. I guess it was not to be in my cards, yet.

Once the RCMP report went out --- those news reporters, who had my phone ringing off the hook and couple television trucks descending on my home, had really hoped that this very "public face" in the fight was the person who was caught. Sorry to disappoint all you MTBers who would like to see me "roast"...

I am far too intelligent to stoop to your levels of immaturity and scofflaw behaviour on the trails. You would have wished I would retire, and put my pen down, for good.

But, now you just poked the "sleeping bear", this time around. The Truth will come out. It always does. Mark my words.

And be very careful of "Mother Nature". She WILL get the last word in, even if I don't. She always does:

On, not very long ago...
- - rockslide @ twin bridges ( (page 11)

Duncan 12-13-2014 03:08 AM

Originally Posted by D(C) (Post 2850627)
It's pretty cool how we spend all this time playing in the woods and making our little routes, then in just one act, nature comes and tells how it's going to be.
Monica was right! It is the Lord's vengeance. God hath smote the mountain bike community, and in an instant turneth its beloved trails into new frog habitat. Repent, sinners!

(Priceless! It's a keeper!) ;)

Anonymous said...

So, are you defending the actions of the person who set these traps? Are you seriously cheering on someone who would do harm to other legal trail users?

Anonymous said...

Mountain bikers have been endangering people on the trails for years. What is the news?

Mocrael said...

I only spar with WORDs, Anon 2:25 I have no control over what "Mother Nature" does. Don't insult me.

And for the record, once again: "I do not condone such "traps".
But, I also don't believe it was a malicious act either.

Mountain bikers bragging about building and placing "punji stick tank-traps" on their own unsanctioned trails, while uttering harm, "scare the hell of of me."

One mountain biker surprisingly wrote me defending one very well know local MTB cult hero: "Digger may have committed his crimes, but he did so out of genuine passion. Now he's legal - and he's always been a truly good man." (??!)

So, if "crimes of genuine passion" done by mountain bikers makes those crimes "legal", that makes it okay??! (I'm really confused now, folks. Does this mean one "law" of the land for the mountain bikers, and another law for the rest of us?)Sorry, I don't buy it.

I only have this statement left to say about the whole sordid situation at hand:

"It has become a bad joke played on us all, as the District of North Vancouver politicians, land managers and the NSMBA continue to hold hands together singing, "Kumbaya" over the mockery of our Environmental Protection and Preservation Bylaws and Environmental Laws, in general."

It is a sordid state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

How can setting traps be anything but a malicious act!?

Going Coastal said...

On a mountain biker applauds a video, just posted:

"jeremy" • 3 hours ago

you know a video is good when there is a smile on your face the whole time you're watching it.

This is the video that proves mountain bikers really DO "care" for our natural environment (turn up the sound, for full effects...)

Copy and paste:

(or just click on my alias, "Going Coastal", to view the video)

Anonymous said...

Unsanctioned mountain bike trails on Grouse land -

Fromme Update:
January 10, 2015

"The NSMBA has received a request to inform our membership and the North Shore riding community to cease the use of trails above the 7th switchback.
This request has been reached by a collaborative process between the private land owner, the trail maintainer/builder and the NSMBA.
The trails have been deactivated by the builder.
Please respect the request. Your collaboration and respect of these closures will benefit the community in the long term.
The NSMBA ask that we all consider the future, as you act in the now. A harmonious balance between these two states will enable the Shore to be a lasting legacy.
Thank you for your collaboration,

What? No fines or charges?

Anonymous said...

Why? If the owner doesn't ask for them, why would there be. It sounds like this is being handled in a manner that shows a recognition of the property owners desires. Don't you have anything better to do with your time than obsess over what other people are doing? How about turning your attention to the real culprits, like the oil and gas industry, who are damaging our environment?

Mocrael said...

I am far from being the two-dimensional figure that MTBers love to paint me as.

Does it bother you that I do have a very full and rich life beyond the MTB issues? That I don't need to mountain bike in the woods,in order to "feel alive"!

There are far many other activities to keep folks healthy, without doing damage to the natural environment, you know.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I note that the release of the "Independent Trails Assessment Report" is not on Monday's DNV council agenda. I guess they're waiting until the construction of the parking lot begins so there is "no turning back."

Anonymous said...

DNV's minions bowing to the little "gods" of mountain biking. Heaven help us all.

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you on about?

Anonymous said...


"Take the only tree that’s left, Stuff it up the hole in your culture."

~Leonard Cohen, "The Future"

Anonymous said...

Oh, the histrionics!

Anonymous said...

Mocking a serious issue is the usual response coming out of the mountain biking community because their arguments no longer hold water.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't ride but don't have any objection to sharing the trails. My experiences on the trails while walking my dogs have been nothing but favourable. Most of the mountain bikers I've spoken with are courteous and respectful of the fact that there are other users and that they might startle the dogs. Not once have I seen a rider drop litter or pooh bags on the trails for other users to pick up. The same can't be said for a good number of hikers and dog walkers. So yes, I will openly mock Mocreal and her minions of self-entitled arbiters of trail use. We all own the trails and have equal rights to their access. You want pristine wilderness, move away from a major metropolitan centre and you just might find it. Until then, live and let live. And pick up your garbage.

Anonymous said...

Someone lives in la-la land if they think the mountain bikers are a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Anonymous said...

It's not la-la land to relay my experiences. Your mileage may vary. But these blanket statements that characterize them all as rude and uncaring are unwarranted. I've seen plenty of hikers and dog walkers who treat the trails and other users with a complete lack of respect. So there you are, there are bad apples in every group of users. Like I said, the trails are there for the use of everyone to enjoy. If you don't like that, go someplace else.

Anonymous said...

For safety reasons we must keep mountain biking trails and hiking trails separated.

Anonymous said...

Why? I've been sharing multi-user trails here and in the Okanagan (another mountain biking mecca) all my life and have never been hit (or even endangered) by a mountain biker. Or are you more worried about the safety of the bikers? After all they seem to be more at risk of having radicals set traps for them.

Anonymous said...

Arguing with mountain bikers and their "ardent supporters" is a practice in futility. As another person commented online NSNews, earlier:

"Mountain bikers only understand physical repercussions, which will happen when one of them runs into a hiker. As we all know (we meaning law abiding people who understand being courteous to others), these mountain bikers would get injured, blame everyone else, and continue with their self-centered way of thinking."

Anonymous said...

And arguing with closed-minded NIMBYs is an even greater exercise in futility. How often do bikes crash into hikers? Show show statistics, please.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't read the news, reports, etc. I don't have to do your homework for you. The evidence is out there for anyone who is interested in finding the stats!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If you're claiming people are being hit by bikers, the onus is on you to prove that claim, anon 12:00pm. Don't make wild assertions without being able to back them up.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:38

The onus is on nobody to prove anything. You are an arrogant SOB.

Mocrael said...

* Vancouver Tourist Suffers Broken Back After Stanley Park Cyclist Crashes Into Her

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted: 07/26/2014

A woman visiting Vancouver has a broken back after a cyclist crashed into her as she was walking on the Stanley Park seawall last weekend.

Read more:

* Elderly hiker Cedar River Trail in Renton Washington struck and
killed by cyclist (April 2010, Renton Washington)

* Jogger on Katy, Texas trail struck and killed by biker (October 2010)

* Senior (80) confined to walker after being hit on White Rock Trail
by biker (October 21, 2010)

* Mountain biker (riding illegally), after being warned to slow down, speeds into group of horses. 12 year old girl gets thrown and breaks arm

* Three horsback riders hit by speeding mountain biker, all had concussions and injuries

And, although not published, we have been getting reports from people who have been injured in collisions with mountain bikers, and those who have had some very close calls with these aggressive bikers.

We are hoping that these people will not be afraid to speak about it openly, in public. Many are afraid of a MTBer backlash, as there is so much arrogance and bad attitudes coming out of a whiny group of MTBers who bellow so loudly about their own "injuries" and of being so "offended" by such things, like Anon 1:38.

Does Anon 1:38 give a damn, in any case? Probably not. And that is the problem with the extremely arrogant faction of extreme MTBers in our woods!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05, the onus is on the person who is making claims. There is nothing arrogant about asking a person to bak up what they are saying.

Mocreal, your collection of accidents, although unfortunate, don't seem to support the assertions by some that these accidents are happening in great numbers on our local trails. Hersey doesn't count as accident statistics. And toy assert that I don't care is just nonsense. Where is your concern for the mountain bikers who have been hurt as the result of traps, snare wires and other impediments intentionally placed on trails to harm them? What if these traps were to harm or kill a child? Where is your concern for the well being of all trail users?

Anonymous said...

Operative words: "...well being of all trail users?"

Since the mountain bikers move through the forest at lightening speed (you hope) and you are complaining about "threats" in your way, perhaps you should stay to your own trails and leave the hikers alone. The latest information on this case is that this was a HIKING TRAIL, not multi-use. And why would two avid mountain bikers have a high tech camera on a non-designated bike trail?

Mocrael said...

Let's face it kiddies. You can't argue with mountain bikers' BS. Even with solid evidence placed in front of them, they will continue to remain willfully blind and argue with us.

As long as DNV (and soon DWV) politicians and land managers continue to hold hands with the NSMBA/"MTB Cypress", singing Kumbaya, nothing is going to change the MTBer status quo. It is just going to become a whole lot uglier in the years to come.

I bid my farewell on this futile issue, once again. I have said all I am going to say on this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mountain biker who broke spine in four places drops $273,000 lawsuit against race organizers

"After filing her Dec. 22 lawsuit, Belair took a beating on social media."

"Some competitive mountain-biking racers criticized her for filing suit, saying they believe they alone are personally responsible for any injuries they suffer from the natural obstacles they encounter on their rides. Some riders worried that Belair’s lawsuit could discourage race organizers from hosting events."

Anonymous said...

What's the relevance of the last post to the discussion?

Anonymous said...

Proof that Mountain biker's will even "eat their own", not just the non-mountain biking opposition

Anonymous said...

Well put! Nasty addicted bunch.

Anonymous said...

And what does all the nastiness spouted here towards legal trail users say about you?

Anonymous said...

Many are not legal trail users. The camera was on a hiking-only trail.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the hypocrisy and misinformation Mocrael spouts off.

I live and hike here, so nobody else can otherwise you're ruining MY experience.

How can one even reconcile the notion that a trail network and housing development can occur on the same land? You either have Trails, Trees, nature, or houses.

Trails will prevent development since the trail users will fight against such development.

The NSMBA is working on existing trails, unlike the land managers who don't have the resources to do so. Since there are no active hiking groups or course the land managers will work with the active engaged group.

You could always become a member of the NSMBA and be a part of the solution!

Anonymous said...

More like a cult.

Mocrael said...

"Falsehood will fly, as it were, on the wings of the wind, and
carry its tales to every corner of the earth; whilst truth lags behind; her steps, though sure, are slow and solemn, and she has neither vigour nor activity enough to pursue and overtake her enemy…" ~Thomas Francklin, 1787. (But, the truth eventually catches up. It always does)

I believe that foolish Fromme 'Tailgate Party' parking lot will help to push the truth ahead, in due time.

After all, Mayor Walton, the NSMBA's best friend, himself stated:
"If you turn that to a staging area you're going to create a monster"
(Heck, Mayor Walton knows the mountain bikers even better than I do...)

Anonymous said...

Just can't stay away, eh? And it all comes back to your being upset about people parking on "your" street. This has nothing to do with the trails, it's all about your unwillingness to give "outsiders" access to public land via 'your' neighbourhood. Pathetic.

Mocrael said...

What is more pathetic is what is unfolding on Fromme, right now.

And worse, is all mountain bikers' hyperbole on social media/mainstream media.

I have nothing more to say on this subject except that it is no longer just an environmental issue, but becoming a moral one...

I bid you all adieu! The writing is clearly on the wall for me to leave the flaming stage.

The Last Word said...

Remember, there are "three sides" to every story: version -

Hiker Assaults Mountain Biker on Fromme
**Updated Sat. Jan. 31st**
Words by Cam McRae.
January 30th, 2015

Comment of interest:
welshgnome • 17 hours ago

"What this article fails to mention is that the lady biker bit this elderly women so deeply that it required a hospital visit.

I walk and ride these hills every day, **and of late when I am hiking with my dog, I feel often looked down on as if I am trespassing.**

I ALWAYS move off the trail to let bikers through regardless of right of way.

When I am on my bike, I ALWAYS slow down or stop for walkers.
We all need to step back a bit here and not be to hasty to throw accusations and post stories on line, before all of the facts have been checked."

It is getting really ugly in the woods, people. I haven't walked in the forest across my street since ex NSMBA Prez Councillor Mathew Bond was elected. I no longer feel welcome -- nor safe! But, it seems that the war in the woods is stirring up, again.

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that the release of the “independent trails assessment” is not on the agenda for the February 2 regular meeting of District of North Vancouver council. Mr. Stuart said this would be released in January. What is the delay? It has been months. Many of us were hoping for the release of this document before the November municipal election.

Is it possible that this delay has something to do with the recent arrest of a woman for trying to protect her safety from mountain bikers on a hiking-only trail?

Anonymous said...

Mocreal, as soon as you claim to stand on the side of morality, you lose what little credibility you might have had. That statement puts you squarely in the realm of delusional.

Anonymous said...

At least Mocrael doesn't bite people anon9:28

Anonymous said...

Accounts, so far, suggest the bite was in self-defence.

Anonymous said...

Updated article is saying otherwise.

Anonymous said...

More than merely 'saying otherwise' - it looks like a complete retraction to me and that the story was a complete fabrication from the beginning!

Anonymous said...

From tomorrow's Province newspaper:

Peace, people! Peace!

I have been running and hiking the North Shore trails for almost two decades and I have been completely accommodating to all types of trail users.

Recently, while running, I was confronted by a biking association member working on the trail and was scolded for using a path that apparently was for bikers. We were warned that bikers come down this trail at a pretty good clip and may not be able to stop in time for someone hiking up. A more suitable trail that we should use was pointed out.

The lecture was delivered in a condescending way and we were taken aback by the arrogance and needlessly lengthy speech. Whatever happened to hello!

I am really tired of the drama on the trails. Why is this a fight, where we need the RCMP to patrol to keep the peace?

Let it go people! It’s the forest. It’s peaceful! Stop and look around at where you are. Enjoy it whatever way you prefer but share it wholeheartedly.

Kathy Jarvis, North Vancouver

Anonymous said...

As long as the mountain bikers continue with their dirty tricks, there will be no peace in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Dirty tricks? It isn't the mountain bikers setting traps to hurt people. Or do you mean that they're organized and lobby local government to help them improve their sport? What's stopping hikers and other trail users from utilizing those same "dirty tricks"? Oh, I know why, because the majority get along with other trail users and don't see what all the fuss is about!

Anonymous said...

The mountain bikers may have organized themselves, but so did the Hell's Angels. Why don't hikers organize? They are not as aggressive as the mountain bikers,I guess, and don't use dirty tricks to gain support.

Anonymous said...

Your logical acrobatics aren't helping your argument, Anon 12:43pm.

Anonymous said...

There are too many fools in the mountain biking community. Like lemmings, they all follow each other off the proverbial cliff. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd say there are more hikers than mountain bikers. I see far more people on foot than I do on bikes. In 0ver 10 years of walking my dogs on the various trails, I have yet to have a bad experience with any trail user, whether they be on foot or on a bike. I suspect the majority of whiners don't even use the trails but are just jumping on the complaint bandwagon because they have little better to do. Folks, life's too short to be worried about how other people enjoy their time outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Well, bully for you, Anon 7:02. I guess you are one of the lucky folk who has not been hurt by a callous mountain biker riding too fast on a multi-use trail.

I know plenty of people who have been hurt, or had a very close call.

Myself, included. And those MTBers never stopped to check if I was okay.

So please don't belittle someone else's bad experience with mountain bikers on the trails, Anon 7:02, just because the same has not happened to you.

Anonymous said...

And don't belittle others' positive experiences. I'd wager those are the majority - nothing to do with luck. Don't label an entire community based on the actions of a few, just as I won't label all senior women crazy based on the one caught setting traps to harm people. You'll get a lot further in life worrying less about a few bad eggs. Don't let them spoil your enjoyment of the trails. I certainly won't.

Mocrael said...

How can we best explain the MTBer mindset, in this case (NSMBA "Watchmen" fiasco),especially with a group who has come in through the back door and managed to gain so much glorification for all its ongoing scofflaw behaviour/ecological damage?

Collective narcissism (or group narcissism) is a type of narcissism where an individual has an inflated self-love of his or her own ingroup, where an "ingroup" is a group in which an individual is personally involved.
While the classic definition of narcissism focuses on the individual, collective narcissism asserts that one can have a similar excessively high opinion of a group, and that a group can function as a narcissistic entity. Collective narcissism is extended to any type of ingroup, beyond just cultures and ethnicities (NSMBA; mountain biking "community".)

Collectively narcissistic groups require external validation.Primary components of collectively narcissistic intergroup relations involve aggression against, and perceived threat from, outgroups with which the narcissistic ingroup has frequent interaction.

Collective narcissism helps to explain unreasonable manifestations of retaliation between groups. A narcissistic group is more sensitive to perceived criticism exhibited by outgroups, and is therefore more likely to retaliate.

In this case it is the narcissistic group against a few isolated individuals who will not validate the NSMBA/mountain biking "community" -- but work against them. It is common for narcissistic ingroups to have an unstable high group self-esteem. Because of this instability, narcissistic groups are especially prone to perceived negativity towards themselves. The members of a narcissistic ingroup are likely to assume threats or negativity towards their ingroup where threats or negativity were not necessarily implied or exhibited. It is thought that this heightened sensitivity to negative feelings towards the ingroup is a result of underlying doubts about the greatnessof the ingroup held by its members. These perceived threats result in a damaged collective self-esteem, which is associated with increased intergroup aggression.

Why else would so many mountain bikers lash out at the few folks who speak in opposition to their activities? Or perhaps it is because they know the public lands they ride and build on could be taken away from them at any time, for one reason or another. "Mother Nature" has already proved that on the Seymour River, last year... Politicians come and go, and the next DNV Council may not be so supporting of the NSMBA's activities (we can always hope). In any case, the higher a group is placed on a pedestal (by others, or by their own self-aggrandizement), the further they will fall...

Nothing I say or do will change those facts... but the taunts will continue because those mountain bikers feel threatened by the Truth, and it is easier to bully a few naysayers, than a larger group.... Until more people start to speak out against the NSMBA's activities, nothing will change but the already over-inflated egos of this group.

We just have to wait for MTB nature (and "Mother Nature") to take its course, I guess. What will the next four years bring to the MTB table, as the present DNV Mayor and Council sit? It can't get any better...