Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Good Alternative to Translink

Meanwhile, in the City of North vancouver, they're replacing the Lonsdale busses with a waterslide..... you can't make this stuff up.

(Actually, I like it, but 21st in West Van would be more entertaining.)


Anonymous said...

Extreme Pricing Range:

$15 (single ride admission during the Early Bird ticketing phase) to $65 (VIP unlimited sliding). - North Vancouver City.

NOTE: VIP unlimited at $65 is not mentioned.

In depth Pricing for North Vancouver's Slide the City

Single Slider:
Early Bird registration: $15
Regular registration: $20
Day of registration: $25

Triple Slider:
Early Bird registration: $30
Regular registration: $35
Late registration: $40

VIP Slider:
Early Bird registration: $50
Late registration: $60
Regular registration: $55

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we are not facing a drought this summer. That is a lot of water flowing downstream!

But 21st Street in West Vancouver, does sound like a bigger bang for your buck.

Anonymous said...

Is a free FERRIS WHEEL ride included?

Anonymous said...

Is there a tarp for the rain? Is theirs a McDonalds in LoLo?
When I pay fo my three children"s tickets, we won"t be
in a restaurant or the Quay.

Barry Rueger said...

Gotta say, that pricing DOES look pretty competitive with Translink if you include a Peak hour Seabus transfer.