Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Church property redevelopment

There are quite a number of Churches with property on the North Shore. Statistics tell us that Church attendance is significantly down which may mean large potential for more 're-developments' like the Lynn Valley United Church, Mountain Highway site. Just how much of a potential re-development resource are Church properties as their owners might contemplate their future viability?
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Anonymous said...

It tends to be a bad trade for the community. The aging church facilities tend to offer very cheap community meeting space and community service space. Then they sell off all of their excess land and use the capital to build a new smaller facility with limited extra space for other organizations.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Where did Koby's post on soaring real estate costs go?

A major concern to every resident with children that they hope can live in N. Van.

Colin said...

As I understand it, that Church is going to rebuild at the site, the Unitarian Church in West Van is looking to move but not sure where to, not either they really have the funds and depth of membership to survive that. As for the cost of living here, I suspect I be the last generation of my family living on the North Shore, I can't see my kids being able to afford to..