Friday, October 16, 2015

Countdown to Election Day on Monday, October 19th is on

According to PlaceSpeak, 'a location-based community consultation platform', 3.6 million Canadians have voted in the advance polls - a 70% increase from 2011. What are the issues that matter in this election? From affordable housing to the environment, "hundreds of people have participated in their discussions." They offer a poll for the federal election.  

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Anonymous said...

The October 16, p 27, Province editorial page analyzes the 3 major parties, their policies and leaders. An unbiased summary including the good and the bad for each. A decent read.

Their conclusion is that, for ordinary Canadians, the Conservatives will result in the best outcome.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I just hope that the electorate at large quit buying into the NDP and Liberal rhetoric (and to be honest, some from the Conservatives as well) and realize that this is not the time to turn over management of the economy to an untested leader offering a bunch of hare-brained schemes that perhaps look good in the short-term, but will have disastrous consequences in the long term. Justin Trudeau seems to think that a "quick fix" is necessary for the economy, but folks, it isn't broken. As for Mulcair, he is a saccharine twit who makes my skin crawl every time I hear him speak. He and his party are in La La Land. The NDP claim that they only need 35 seats to beat the Conservatives is so wacky that it's hard to even counter it. He actually seems to believe that they are going to hang on to the all seats they now have. Their support in Quebec is collapsing and Ontario isn't going to be the "promised land" for them either. Dream on, Tom.

Anonymous said...

I am very curious as to why Andrew Saxton has turned up at most ACMs, but Mike Little is always a no-show at his.

Anonymous said...

We voted for Trudeau Sr. We recall his deficit budgeting that took years to climb out of the hole.

Most distressingly we vividly remember his government allowing interest rates to soar. One of our friends had to renegotiate his mortgage at 23%. He eventually lost his home under the crushing payments as did other workmates and acquaintances.

At the same time Trudeau ordered 0% wage increases year after year for public sector workers so they fell further and further behind..

We were `lucky`` to renegotiate at 18% and just barely kept our family home.

This was the effect of Liberal deficit budgets on ordinary Canadians. We will never vote for the Liberals again. Lesson learned the hard way.

Anonymous said...

You can't base your today's thinking on what happened years ago by other people, in a different time, who just happen to call themselves The Liberal Party of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Keith Baldrey, Global political reporter/pundit says Conservative candidate Dianne Watts, in Surrey, is having problems with "head office." She has put radio ads on which she is paying for herself. She is not toeing the Party line like Saxton and Little.

Barry Rueger said...

Finally! We know where Saxton has been. Instead of attending candidate's meetings* he's posting here, disguised as multiple Tory supporters.

Seriously guys, Harper has done incredible damage to just about everything that Canadians value - the environment, civil rights, our reputation abroad, support for seniors and veterans.... I could go on, but these people have done it for me. And of course honesty and integrity in elected officials.

If you're supporting him you're either very rich, and greedy, or so dumb that you think that he's actually helping anyone but the very rich, and greedy.

Hint: If you're honestly motivated by greed you're voting the wrong way.

But then again, NIQAB!! NIQAB!!! NIQAB!

* I see that he finally made one meeting. Wow, he must be feeling desperate.

Anonymous said...

Postmedia papers all have to endorse the Cons:

John Sharpe said...

Anon 10:26, That's a good laugh. Kind of foot in the mouth stuff. News is by it's very nature biased. What you're really saying is you support the conservatives..

Anonymous said...

You are an ass, John. You posted the reference to the editorial and now you criticize those who agree with it.

As for Barry Rueger, would you please go back to wherever you're from? You are either very bitter or very stupid. Everything you have been posting on NVP of late is so off the wall that it is not to be given any credence. I support the Conservatives and I am neither very rich, greedy or dumb. I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and honesty and integrity in elected officials. Unfortunately, every government has its share of unwanted problems and people who should not be there. It's how the party handle the situation that counts. Your precious NDP has had its own share of troubles, especially in BC and don't tell me that they are a different party. The NDP is the only party with tentacles in every level of government from municipal to federal. They did so much damage in BC that it will not soon be forgotten and if you were being honest with yourself, you would see they have not had a particularly good run in other provinces in Canada either. And now they are in danger of being knee-capped in Quebec. Hint: You are the one who is not so bright!

As for the Liberals, it was Trudeau senior who got us in so much financial hot water by creating all kinds of government programs that were not needed or wanted. And who was his Finance Minister? Why none other than Chretien, another financially inept PM.

Liberals and the NDP are a lot closer in philosophy than they care to admit and unfortunately, many voters can't see it either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 5:52. I am Anon 10:26 and I was surprised by John's comment. I had posted because I thought that the editorial writers did a good job of putting the information forward in an unbiased analysis. Their conclusion was quite persuasive and so I guess John is right when he implies that the information is moving me toward the Conservatives.

Barry's comments are really only fit for the most adolescent among us.

John Sharpe said...

Anon 5:52 pm,

I did no such thing as post to the reference of anon's 10:26 comment re:
the Province editorial. This post is about PlaceSpeak and their 'community platform' and the poll they have available.

The point I was making is that all news is biased, that is all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44, first of all you know Mike Little has attended some ACMs. And was he not at the one tinight at the Mount Seymour church? Did he miss that one? As far as the others are concerned, he my have had other committments, or me may just not be prepared to attend an ACM that is organized by a partisan group for a partisan purpose. It is also more fun to go to an ACm where the Grees, NDP and Liberals go at each other because there is no COnservative candidate there to sling mud at.

Anonymous said...

If we are being honest, ACMs are really not much value to a candidate. Most of the crowd in attendance is aligned with one candidate or another, and the remaining 25% or less may have already made up their minds. So for a candidate to spend 2+ hours at a meeting and ?? hours in preparation to attend a meeting where the outcome is almost preordained, I think it's easy to understand why their time is better spent elsewhere. Having said all of that, there are people who go to the ACMs to "see the whites of their eyes" and evaluate them first-hand. As for last night's meeting, obviously the four "major" candidates were the most on people's minds, and that showed in audience reaction. From my observation, I would say this about the candidates. Lynn Quarmby is a scrapper and a fighter, and is coming across as quite desperate to be noticed. Recent polls may shed a bit of light given that she is running at about 9%. Carol Baird-Ellan is not a great communicator. I could hardly hear what she said because she spoke so low and mumbled a lot. She also spouted party line a lot and I would have thought that someone of her stature would have her own words to speak. Terry Beech again spouted party rhetoric but I heard him making several statements that contained inaccuracies and untruths which doesn't instill a lot of confidence. And finally the Conservative, Mike Little, who conducted himself throughout with dignity and class and came across as a statesman. He managed to laugh at himself once or twice and gave answers to questions without a lot of hyperbole, rhetoric or unnecessary decibels in his voice. To my mind, the choice is "clear"... And I hope there were a few others at the meeting who were able to make up their minds and choose likewise.

Anonymous said...

If we are being honest, you are an arrogant SOB.

Anonymous said...

Why the personal attack, anon 2:02am? Is that the best you can do? Rather than attacking the poster (anon 12:31am), why not offer your own observations re: ACM's? And no, I'm not anon 12:31am. I also don't think being uncivilized towards people with differing views is particularly helpful. Attack the idea or message, not the person.

Anonymous said...

Mike "chicken" Little has attended 5 of the 18 meetings. Some-one at the Mount Seymour church asked a poignant question of Little: Namely, how can we trust he will represent us in Ottawa when he can't be troubled to show up at ACM's and hear what we have to say?

The other three main parties have attended all or almost all ACM's in Burnaby North Seymour.

Clearly the Cons have been told to stay away! (See a CBC news article regarding Cons not attending ACM's - I don't have the url so google it. I guess they are worried their message will scare away the voters.

We know that clearly both the Liberals and Cons are in bed with the oil companies (after the co chair of the Liberals emailed big oil and had to resign.) The only way to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline is the NDP or Green and since the Green have no chance of forming government in Burnaby North Seymour I'm voting for Carol Baird-Ellan the strong NDP candidate.

Anonymous said...

EIGHTEEN ACMs? At least one wasn't even in the riding from what I see on this blog.

Mike Little apparently spent months knocking on thousands of doors personally in the riding to meet people face-to-face. That seems to me to be a good use of his time, and takes a lot of work, time and committment. That may be a strong indication of how he will represent us in Ottawa. He also attended five good ACMs.

I didn't get a candidate knocking on my door from the other parties. A volunteer each from the Greens and the Liberals came. I don't recall anyone from the NDP. Maybe they just missed me. Anyway, I will say the Green party volunteer was respectful and knowledgable enough to discuss the issues. I still don't know how we will pay for all the things the NDP and the Liberals are talking about without the jobs and money that projects like Kinder Morgan will provide, but it was a pleasure talking to the Green party volunteer.

Anonymous said...

So this is Anon 23:31 am checking in. Why am I arrogant because I offered my "take" on the candidates at the ACM? That was my honest opinion. The only candidate I had knocking on my door was Mike Little. I could pillory the others for not finding the time, but perhaps it was because they were at or preparing for 18 ACMs!

Anon 9:20 a.m., as for your belief the NDP not supporting Kinder Morgan's expansion, I think you should re-check the facts. They have not come out and definitively said they will oppose it. Just a bunch of gobbledygook rhetoric. While Mulcair has said the Kinder Morgan expansion cannot go ahead in its present form, he has not ruled out such a project altogether. Furthermore, Mulcair, while saying an NDP government would have far more stringent review that would include consideration of a project’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions, he won’t specifically rule out approval of the project if Kinder Morgan re-applied.

It would seem that they don't exactly represent your views on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:04. I posted my recollection of voting for Trudeau Sr., his deficit budgeting, runaway interest rates, and the loss of family homes by average Canadians.

You told me that I cannot base my thinking on what happened long ago.

My point was that Trudeau Jr. is promising deficit budgeting just like his Dad.

My view is that there is some wisdom the following:

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Legally the NDP shouldn't prejudge the kinder morgan application if it were a proper environmental review. That would be as bad as Harper prejudging in favor or the Greens prejudging against. The point is that with a real assessment kinder morgan would be very unlikely to be approved!

The assessment process has to be fixed and the environmental protection legislation must be restored!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Douglas and Pierre Trudeau are probably the two Canadians who have most influenced the nature of Canada.

Douglas with universal healthcare and Trudeau with multiculturalism and the Charter of Rights.

Justin is not half the man his father was, in my view, but those who denigrate his father are forgetting his accomplishments!

The way things are going with Harper, universal healthcare, multiculturalism and the Charter of Rights are all under attack so the quote "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" is apt with the opposite meaning Anon 2:51 was inferring!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21 your points re multiculturalism and the Charter are well-taken. Harper has successes too. Neither are all good or all bad. The famous "flipping of the bird" as Trudeau left western Canada was not a high point.

I must restate that my comment referred to Trudeau's approach to finances and the terrible impact on families. I voted for him, I was there and it was terrifying. Hearing that his son would take a similar approach is too risky.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Trudeau over a wannabe Republican. If Harper wants American government so badly, he should move South.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives under Harper are a lot closer to the U.S. Democrats than to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon 8:18 is right. My cousin is a registered Democrat and he is interested in Canadian politics. His says that Harper's policies and approaches are very close to those of the Democratic Party. He is very anti-Republican.

Anonymous said...

"Tommy Douglas and Pierre Trudeau are probably the two Canadians who have most influenced the nature of Canada."

Anon 5:21, I suggest you read a little history. What about John A. Macdonald, Wilfred Laurier, Robert Borden. Mackenzie King etc.? And that's just politicians. There have been a lot of other people who have hugely influenced what you call the nature of Canada. Without people like Major General Sir Isaac Brock, and Tecumseh, there wouldn't even be a Canada. I also would give a lot of credit to the early French settlers. Overall though, my opinion is that the veterans of two world wars, both during the conflicts and in the years after, had more influence than just about anyone.

Also, are you are not aware that universal healthcare was brought in mostly by liberal and conservative goverhments?

As far as Pierre Trudeau is concerned, he certainly did have a lot of influence over what Canada has become. Whether it was good influence is very debatable.

Anonymous said...

"very debatable"


No women are mentioned in your comment. Are there no women who influenced what Canada is today?

Anonymous said...

Millions of women.

1. A lot of other people.
2. Early French settlers.
3. Veterans of two world wars.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38 check your facts!

Universal health care ("Medicare") was first brought in in Saskatchewan by a Tommy Douglas Provincial Government. You may remember the famous Saskatchewan doctor strike (which happily collapse after 3 weeks).

It was then brought in federally by a Liberal (Lester B. Pearson) minority government (NDP holding balance of power - and forcing the issue) in 1966.

John Sharpe said...

Yes anon 8:38 check your facts is right! Such a pivotal point in our history. How could you get that one wrong?

Anonymous said...

A siginificant step prior to the enactment of federal legislation and the various provincial medical plans was the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act brought in by the majorty Liberal government of Louis St. Laurent in 1957.

The CCF government of Tommy Douglas brought in a form of universal health care system in Saslatchewan 1962. The Liberal federal government of 1966 brought in a national medicare program following a Royal Commission appointed by the Progressive Conservatives under John Diefenbaker.

The various provincial governments, which brought in medical plans in their respective provinces following the federal legislation, were overwhelmiingly Social Credit, Liberal or Conservative. In Quebec both the Liberals and the Union Nationale were involved in the establishment of a universal health care system.

The Canada Health Act was enacted by a majority Liberal government in 1984.