Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rigging the Federal Election

This from Walt McGinnis on the Federal Election.

In my previous article I pointed out that the facts seem to indicate that the NDP and the Conservatives are collaborating in the federal election while under the direction of Brad Lavinge and his public relations firm Hill and Knowlton. The provincial election in British Columbia in 2013, in which it appears the NDP threw the victory to the Liberals, is of much interest because the same NDP campaign operatives in BC are now working on the Federal NDP campaign.
There are several similarities in the Federal NDP campaign to what happened in BC. The NDP have gone from strong leaders in the polls to trailing in third place. This looks a lot like the slide the pollsters reported that the NDP took in BC except the Federal pollsters appear to be letting the NDP down more easily. As in BC it is highly questionable the NDP ever had that lead. Read more ...

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Anonymous said...

Who is this guy?

He writes: "This looks a lot like the slide the pollsters reported that the NDP took in BC except the Federal pollsters appear to be letting the NDP down more easily."

The pollsters in BC were in favour of the NDP right up until the election. Gobbledygook

Griffin said...

I too have been trying to figure out who Walt McGinnis is and the best I've come up with is that he is a blogger with Canada Citizens News Network, which bills itself as being "here to give you more of the news and information you need during this time of rapid change." But what the heck does that mean? There are several bloggers, whose credentials are curiously absent, who seem to find all kinds of conspiracies, scandals, and subterfuge going on all around us. It is inflammatory to the max and filled with innuendo and downright accusations, but not much else. I cannot really tell what the purpose is, unless it is just to get everybody upset. Don't believe anything you read without getting some sort of confirmation from another source, otherwise you are going to look silly if you start quoting them. Better yet, don't even bother reading it.

Not your mainstream media, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau's latest ad is brilliant. He speaks to the divisiveness and the pitting Canadians against one another, instead of being a strong united country called Canada.

He is at the Pinnacle Hotel tomorrow at 4:30.

Vote Liberal!

Anonymous said...

Won"t be voting Liberal,are we really getting along that
well,ethnicity is in pockets in the lower mainland.
He, I am for immigration but unlimited numbers?

Anonymous said...

Walt McGinnis no doubt believes that their are extraterrestrials at area 51, that Kennedy was killed by a magic bullet, that Elvis is alive and that 9/11 was an inside job!

Anonymous said...

What a load of bull!

A not so veiled attempt to encourage voting for the Liberals by suggesting that the Cons and NDP are in bed together, when in fact it is now evident (after co-chair of liberals resigns over help big oil with tips on lobbying - "Lobbygate")that both the Liberals and the Cons are in bed with big oil.

The liberals always run from the left but govern from the right! Both the Liberals and the Cons have an arrogant sense of entitlement.

The only real change is from the NDP!!!

Anonymous said...

John, why would you post this piffle?

Not worthy of the other posts on this blog!

Anonymous said...

I think John only posts for reaction/entertainment. Gone are the days of an engaged owner.

John Sharpe said...

So you disagree with the post and you're pointing out why. That is good. That's why we blog, isn't it? I try to post a diversity of views in recognition that there are always so many different opinions. My hope and purpose is that there is discussion of the issues important to the community. I also attempt to keep the topics moving especially at election time.

As far as engagement of the owner is concerned, as in actual comments, it has never really been the case by myself or the original owner.

Anonymous said...

Come on John the real reason for the post is to try and scare NDP votes to the Greens! Didn't you run as a candidate for them once or twice?

Anonymous said...

So it seems that some NDP operatives have been busy over night in North Vancouver Seymour. All of Mike Little's large signs have been damaged and all the small signs have been purloined. Contrary to what the perpetrators think, this does not make Mike look bad, just the contrary. It makes the NDP look bad.

So everyone who was thinking that the NDP is a good choice, think again.

John Sharpe said...

Anon 9:29 am,
Am I supposed to actually believe that statement? Do you make these things up as you go? Talk about provacateur! I did run for the Greens once and District council respectively and also involved in helping elect Jim Hanson to District Council last year.

Anon 11:41 am,
Yes, the NDP would be interested in tarnishing their image in NV-Seymour by endorsing sign damage! More likely it was the elite band of militia anarchists that have been surging here.

Anonymous said...

Where's the evidence that the NDP is responsible for the sign damage? How do we know the Cons didn't do it themselves in a desperate attempt at sympathy from the gullible?

Anonymous said...

More likely the sign damage was by disgruntled youth, sick of what the Cons are doing to the Country.

In North Van proper some one has been adding Comments to Saxton's signs like "TPP" , "C-51" and "Racist" with black spray paint. I suppose you will blame that on the NDP as well!