Friday, January 22, 2016

So what's happening with Mike Little?

Former District Councillor, Mike Little didn't run again in 2014 presumably because of his federal political aspirations which didn't go his way. Now he sits on the District Library Board. Is this Mr. Little's posturing for seat back on council or perhaps a run for Mayor in 2018?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mountain Highway Interchange to cost $150 million

Construction for the interchange will start this year and it is hoped that local and Highway 1 traffic congestion in that area will be reduced. Improvements to the Fern Street and Dollarton interchanges are part of the plan, but will come later. The Highway bridge will not be widened or replaced and the Cut will also remain unchanged. There will be improved access to Highway 1 and to Keith Road from the new interchange, but it looks like current congestion at Mountain Highway and Highway 1 will be shifted over to the new intersection at Keith and Brooksbank. Until the Cut is widened if ever, and the (green) Highway Bridge are replaced one has to wonder if there will be only nominal changes to local and highway traffic problems.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No public hearing for Braemar Land

A District Council vote to go to Public hearing is defeated. With Councillor MacKay-Dunn absent due to the flu, the vote was 3 in favour and 3 against for a public hearing regarding the rezoning which could have resulted in an amendment of the OCP to remove a portion of the Braemar land from public assembly. If development had passed through the public hearing process the land would allow for a four lot detached residential development. Councillor Hanson said (paraphrased) he could not support moving in to a public hearing which could possibly remove the land from the public assembly category. Councillor Bassam said (paraphrased) he was deeply concerned and thought that no public hearing was undemocratic. If the land had been sold to development, the funds from the sale would have gone to Argyle Secondary improvements. Councillor Muri said (paraphrased) there must be another way to raise the money and criticized the provincial government for their lack of education funding support.