Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ministry and DNV reveal plan for Cut, Council skeptical

Last week the Ministry of Transportation and DNV planners revealed a new possible plan for The Cut. Traffic congestion problems in North Vancouver are ongoing and it seems almost everyday sometimes twice, there is some sort of of traffic incident that involves the approaches to the Cut being backed up for kilometers. Sometimes it's just sheer volume of traffic that causes the 'slow hours' Is the new plan the solution?

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   The North Shore News ran this report....     

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Controversial letter and DNV Public Input segment from Hazen Colbert

             Public Input @ 22:23, April 11th, 2016

Your Worship, Council and Mr. Stuart

Last night I provided public input on the subject of public safety, I provided that input on request of others who fear for their safety, the safety of their families and the security of their property specifically from members of the NSMBA.  They do not consider council chambers a place of refuge where they can provide input. Apparently they do consider that I do not back down from bullying and threats.

Councillor Bond's diatribe directed at me proves their concerns.

Instead of disavowing anti-Semitism and violence on Fromme trails Bond lite into me like a cruise missile. Not one of you rose to defend, not me, but others who may have been threatened by the map and the narrative that followed. It was transparent to me, that you agreed on the approach during the special closed meeting. I trust you had never seen that map before I presented. If yes, than I pray for us all.

It does not help the matter that you fund $100,000 to the NSMBA.  On the advice of the RCMP who tell me they do not enforce the Community Charter, it appears the only way to challenge that particular is through the Supreme Court where the DNV can rely on the public treasury to fund a defence. That is what I called institutionalized bullying.

I started mountain biking, including racing holding a semi-pro license in 1995. I love the sport. I have biked in a wide variety of places  around the world. The NSMBA is a bizarre organization which fails to comply with even rudimentary trail etiquette and land conservation. The threats by NSMBA members against others are unprecedented and chilling.

I request a public hearing on the matter.


You are welcome to forward the email below along with the attached public input to anyone interested.

It is my position there needs to be a Public Hearing on the matter with everyone allowed to attend and speak safely.


Hazen S. Colbert