Tuesday, June 28, 2016

City Mayor Advocating for Cigarette butt recycling

A deposit program similar to the kind we're used to for bottles and cans, is being pushed by City Mayor, Darrell Mussatto. Butts could be taken to a recycling depot to regain the deposit of 5 to 10 cents per cigarette paid at the purchase point. Cigarette butts are quite toxic and do pose a significant environmental hazard especially to fish in local streams when eventually flushed down storm drains when it rains. A Province wide program would obviously be most effective.

CIGARETTE BUTTS are the most littered item in America!!!


Anonymous said...

Probably a good idea. I normally am not in favour of more programs, but in this case the cost is born by the user, it incentivizes clean up, which should offset an existing cost to non-users, so it seems reasonable. However, the devil may be in the details.

What is the aggregate it cost to recycle a single butt?

Should it be a 5 cent refundable deposit with 5 cent recycling fee per cigarette?

On a pack of 25 cigarettes, is $1.25 in recycling fee and $1.25 refundable deposit so high that it will drive up black market cigarette sales?

Does the fee make smoking black market cigs more lucrative since you would get legitimate money back for the waste?

The black market actually does affect this situation, as there never really was a black market for beverage containers, so most cans that ended up being refunded had also contributed, and the metal in beverage containers was a valuable commodity, so no recycling fee was needed to cover costs. On the North Shore we have First Nations stores which are allowed to sell unbranded, untaxed, cigarettes that are produced on other reserves.

Anonymous said...

If the smoker doesn't return his butts, the 'binners' will have another means of making a living besides bottles and cans.

Anonymous said...

Can we collect butts in another province or in Washington State and break them to North Vancovuer? Just camp out beside tall office buildings and get the butts all day long - could collect 200 a day easy.

Anonymous said...

Just head to Quebec, you could pay for your trip in no time.

Anonymous said...

It's a waste of time. Even with containers, the "butt"heads will still toss their butts on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Even so, now they'll have a cash value and provide the local "binners" with another stream of income in addition to bottles.

Anonymous said...

of course there is always the chance that it will be cheaper to manufacture a 'butt' when the resale value ( to the government) is high enough to make actual butt returns practical.

Does your aluminum beer can cost more or less than 5 cents to make and deliver?

Anonymous said...

I mean cheaper to manufacture than to collect and return.

Barry Rueger said...

Just to be pedantic, we're not talking about the cigarette itself here, which is pretty much biodegradable, just the plastic filter, which is not.

Those of us who used to smoke plain Camels or Export As can now feel environmentally superior.

Aside from that, I'll take a few filter tipped butts any day over some guy spitting into a plastic cup every other minute while enjoying chewing tobacco.

Now THAT is gross.

Anonymous said...

"we're not talking about the cigarette itself here, which is pretty much biodegradable, just the plastic filter, which is not."

Yes that's right Barry. I was just sayin' you might find it could be a great small business to manufacture 'butts' or 'plastic filters' only, rather than whole cigarettes.

It all depends on the 'incentive' pricing.

Anonymous said...

duh.. why manufacture them? Just buy 'em in bulk and turn them in to the 'sustainable' government cash cow.

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Robert F. Crocker said...

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