Monday, September 19, 2016

Election Anticipation!

An election is in the offing, and the floodgates are opening up as the ruling Liberals try to shift gears from being mean spirited Scrooges to become touchy-feely donors of all things that are good and true.

In the last week MSP premiums suddenly weren't being increased, and Christy announced a rather vague promise to build 2900 units of rental housing, at a cost of a cool half a billion.

At this point it even seems possible that she'll promise to give disabled people back their bus passes, and raise welfare rates to something approaching a livable level.

Meanwhile the NDP... um....

And the Greens are busy debating whether or not the Israeli government is good or bad.

The question today though, is "What does the North Shore need from whatever government is formed after the next election?

I'm partial to driving stake through the heart of that monster that is Translink, and just funding transit properly.  And killing off MSP premiums entirely, like most of the country. And writing off student debt, like in Newfoundland.

But that's just my dream.

What's yours?