Tuesday, October 04, 2016

DNV Land Disposition for Affordable Housing Initiative

At the September 12th, 2016 Regular meeting of Council the disposition of 6 or 7 undeveloped lots in the DNV were on the table for discussion. These lots, if sold would be worth approximately 7 million dollars and the idea would be to use this money towards affordable housing. Being public information I had occasion to view several of the lots under question in the Lynn Valley area where the majority of them exist. I was quite interested that there were actually any undeveloped lots like these in Lynn Valley. As examples; One lot was on Kilmer, one on Hoskins, and another on Lynn Valley Road and Henderson. I did not venture out to view the other one or two lots that were I believe, in the Blue Ridge area. So the question becomes to sell or not to sell these lots for the aforementioned reason? Discussion at the council meeting on the 12th of September suggested this money could be used in transportation corridors 'in line' with the current OCP.