Friday, March 17, 2017

Yard Waste!

Hello all - I'm back a after relaxing week of detached retina reattachment. Note - if you've got a topic that you think is worth pursuing we can give you posting privileges on the blog. Yard waste would have been a good one. Just email me.
New Topic? New DNV Garbage collection Program

The New program eliminates any yard trimmings that do not fit into the two carts. That's right, when you do your spring cleanup their suggestion is that you keep the green waste at your house and use it as filler in your organics cart when every you have free space. Or you can haul it to the depot for a fee. Or you can dump it** in the forest where it will become forest fire ladder fuel. (**hefty dumping fine may apply)

When did this cease to be a public service? You should be able to put your yard waste out for free or a reasonable fee curbside rather than having thousands of households driving to the depot.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so intent on getting services without paying for them? Taxes only go so far.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to pay for the removal of garbage and green waste, and said as much "reasonable fee".

I am challenging the change in philosophy that is taking place. The Muni used to set a reasonable 'free' (paid through taxes) rate for everyone, and then if you were a heavy user of the service you paid extra bag fees to cover your additional costs. It was fair. Now they are saying there is no option for going over, so you have to haul it yourself even though the truck already comes to your house. To me that sounds really inefficient. I have an 8,000sqft lot which is pretty average for the District, but I usually produce six or seven of the tall yard trimmings bags during my spring cleanup (largely rose bushes and rhododendron, plus DNV boulevard Cedars). Now I have to haul them? Imagine you have a large lot or have a DNV greenbelt overhanging your lot, you have the inconvenience and cost there too? Keep it simple, just provide the service through taxation and for heavy users charge a reasonable additional fee.

If you make it too hard, we will be back to the bad old days of public dumping.

Anonymous said...

So set the bags aside and put your limit out each week until they're all collected. I don't understand the problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you. If Anon 11:05 wants to get rid of all of the waste at one time and pay for the extras he should be able to. It is an inconvenience to store the paper bags as they fall apart if they get too wet and dry storage is often unavailable for multiple large bags. So my first choice is for what he proposes.

If that service isn't available then you have no choice but to haul the waste yourself or put out your limit each week until it is gone as suggested by Anon 9:31. The inconvenience is the problem. An avoidable nuisance if we use the former user pay system but it can be done.

Anonymous said...

I can see one upside to this... The DNV garbage trucks run with a two person crew, one driver and one swamper, but if they are only using the carts for collection, maybe they are moving to one of those mechanical arm trucks where they only need one crew person. If so, the savings for all of us may be worth the occasional inconvenience.
Mechanical arm in action