Sunday, April 02, 2017

North Shore Municipal Transportation Committee

As reported in the North Shore News, all three North Shore municipalities have agreed to create a North Shore Municipal Transportation Committee.   Transportation staff have always compared notes, and obviously a lot of transportation planning involves multiple jurisdictions, but this creates a formal working group with all three municipalities represented at the table.

As reported:
Under the committee’s terms of reference, top transportation, engineering and planning staff from each local government will meet at least four times a year to co-ordinate on local priorities, consult with and advocate to senior levels of government and outside agencies like TransLink and report back to their respective councils. 
The challenge still remains that many significant transportation corridors also involve the Province, Metro Vancouver, or the ports authority in some fashion, but perhaps a unified voice will aid in dealing with these "senior" government entities.

One good point raised by West Vancouver Coun. Mary-Ann Booth is that this new committee is only comprised of staff, and doesn't seem to include a specific way for the public to be involved in these discussions.  Hopefully the two North Vans will find a way to integrate their respective citizen transportation committees into the new structure.


Anonymous said...

Tri Municipal bodies sound nice, but they rarely work. Three parties are at the table, but on 90% of the issues only two parties are directly involved, the other one sits out or plays king-maker. Instead they should have a DNV/CNV Committee, and CNV/DWV Committee, and DWV/DNV Committee and don't limit them to transportation. They should be able to talk about anything of mutual interest such as, bike lanes, parks management, borderless neighborhood planning, emergency services, and whatever else needs a neighborly talk.

...unless its just a bully-pulpit for attacking Translink, in which case I am fully on board. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is planning by committee really the answer? I worry that there will be too much focus on conducting studies, rather than actually pressing for real work to be done. Maybe the politicians, instead, should start making decisions that benefit the 3 municipalities, regardless of how it might impact their political future/popularity. Decisions aren't being made because these folks are more worried about their election outcomes rather that what's best for the communities.

Anonymous said...

So more 'real work' needs to be done, but not by committees or politicians... Do I understand you correctly?

What do you want to happen? Maybe we should put a truly business minded, non-politician in as Mayor and they could get down to the 'real work' needed to Make North Vancouver Great Again!!


Anonymous said...

You misunderstand. I want the politicians to get to work and make the tough decisions, regardless of how it impacts their electability in the future. Proper infrastructure decisions are tough and are going to piss off a lot of people. I think creating more committees is going to merely kick the decisions further down the timeline.