Thursday, July 27, 2017

Drunken Dreads Coming to Lynn Valley?

The Zazou Salon & Academy, located in Lynn Valley Village (aka at the Lynn Valley Library) has applied for a liquor licence.  (Disclaimer: I'm a sometimes customer, and really like the people there, their strong community involvement, and their impressive charitable work.)  I'm assuming that they plan on offering adult customers a beer or a glass of wine while they get a cut or colour.  I don't think they plan on competing with the Black Bear or Browns for the Friday night hockey game knock back a dozen brews crowd.

I say "I assume" because you would be hard pressed to find any more information, especially on the District of North Vancouver web site.

You'll recall that allowing some businesses like hair salons to serve liquor was one of the pre-election goodies doled out by ex-Premier Christy Clark.  Even though Christy has now disappeared back to her riding... um... Point Grey, the new regulations remain.

In many ways Zazou is probably a perfect business to try out this new licencing regime.  They're unique, they're local, and they always have been able to balance a sense of fun with the serious work of running a successful business.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a few Council meetings that will rival chickens for entertainment.

Edit: the application is expected to come before Council in September.

Added: Here's the notice from the District sent to local businesses.


Anonymous said...

u·biq·ui·tous (advective)
present, appearing, or found everywhere.
synonyms: omnipresent, ever-present, everywhere, all over the place, pervasive, universal, worldwide, global; rife, prevalent, far-reaching, inescapable
"after WWII, television became almost ubiquitous in the United States"

So I guess the question is, do we want alcohol "present, appearing or found everywhere."? Sure this may seem like no big deal, but if we were reviewing the spectrum of alcohol availability and it went from "Not available anywhere" to "Available everywhere", where would we set the mark?

Twenty years ago it was only sold through government controlled liquors stores, or at licensed cabarets and pubs. Now it is available in restaurants, movie theatres, private liquors stores, grocery stores, and coming to a hair salon near you. So where is a line that is both healthy and indicative of a responsible free society?

I don't really need a drink while I am meeting with my financial planner, and don't really need a drink while I am considering buying a house at an Open House, but those groups are kind of selling the experience just like a salon, so where is the line?

What if I am a recovering alcoholic? Surely being exposed to available alcohol would affect my relapse rate, should I now avoid getting my haircut? What is societies responsibility to make it avoidable?

Barry Rueger said...

Now it is available in restaurants, movie theatres, private liquors stores, grocery stores...

To be fair, you need to look long and hard to find one of those mythical "grocery stores with wine in them." Are there any on the North Shore?

Anonymous said...

If you're a recovering alcoholic.. recover. Say no thanks.

If you're a high school student, we'll say no, for your own good.

But the days when you had to hide your wine bottle in a brown bag and were not allowed near the actual bottles in the government liquor store are long gone. I think that's a good thing and we, as a society, cannot avoid every difficult outcome and still be FREE.

Yes to Zazou.

Anonymous said...

"If you're a recovering alcoholic.. recover. Say no thanks." Wow. I think you missed the point. Yes, recovery is primarily the responsibility of the addict, but if we have booze everywhere in the community its pretty heartless, and I really don't expect them to succeed... but I guess you are a tough love, tough luck kind of person.

Anonymous said...

Zazou has a max capacity of 40 people? If you had 40 people drinking in that little space there'd be trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16.....

You think I missed the point?

I think you missed the point.

I go in for a haircut.. there are drinks available.. or.. not.
Let's say not.

Then I go to Brown's for lunch.

Is the 'recovering alchoholic' scenario any different there than at Zazou?

Yes, you might say, because the recovering person can choose to go to MacDonalds for lunch.
Or to continue recovery and decline the booze or similarly avoid Zazou.

You ain't gonna save an addict by outlawing situations that they find difficult.
You might put a small tax on the licence to serve booze at a haircut store and send that over to support alchohol recovery programs or you could take a piece of the huge provincial and federal taxes on alchohol and redirect them to recovery programs.

But... there has to be some freedom to live in this

Anonymous said...

My point wasn't specific to zazou, it was clearly prefaced '"Not available anywhere" to "Available everywhere", where would we set the mark?'

What if McDonald's wants to serve a McScotch? (I had a McDouble with lunch) so is that the line and recovering alcoholics can just go to another store?

My view is they should relax some of the outdoor public rules, but we really don't need any more venues selling it.

Barry Rueger said...

What I would love is at least one bar in Lynn Valley or Edgemont that was quiet enough to have a conversation, and which didn't have multiple TVs on every wall. And that welcomed dogs.

If they also had good food and were within easy walking distance, even better.

Does Zazou have a kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Oh but Barry, Barry. Dogs? What about those with serious pet allergies?

I agree with your desire for a bar or restaurant that isn't constantly filled with the noise of TV or imaginary singers and bands playing music I didn't choose ( or want ).

Anonymous said...

I think a dog friendly restaurant would have a market in Lynn Valley, but there is a health code that has some limitation on non-service animals being near food prep areas.

The Black Bear is rarely loud these days.

Barry Rueger said...

I just added a copy of the notice from the District to area businesses. See it on the original post.