Monday, July 03, 2017

Sunny Days!

(Not a reference to either Trudeau or Lighthouse.)

We have a new government in BC, one which the Vancouver Sun is already painting as Dangerous and Socialist.

We have survived a sesquicentennial, that most pointless of celebrations, with only minor faux pas, aside from irritating the peoples who lived here before 1867.

The Grouse Grind is open, thousands of weekend hikers have come out of hibernation, and North Shore Rescue are working overtime to keep up with the demand.

Al Neil's cabin is being renovated, and kids of all ages are heading into sports, academic, Bible, or music camps.

Lynn Valley Days are a faint memory, but Harmony Arts is fast approaching.

So, is anyone still thinking about municipal politics?  Or does the North Shore find it impossible to tear itself away from the Bar-B-Que?


Anonymous said...

Yep Barry. Just doin' a little research in the Gulf Islands.

Renter down the road had the chicken dream but now she's given up.
Chickens 0 .... Eagles 2 ... Dog next door 1 ... Mink 4 ( killed all the remaining cluckers just for fun ).

Aw well. You can buy eggs at the CO-OP store.

Howzit goin' in North Van?

Anonymous said...

The doldrums of summer.

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