Monday, September 11, 2017

Inter River Turf Wars!

Many thanks to Jerry Silver for pointing me to the Inter River Community Association, and their efforts to challenge plans to add two new artificial turf fields at the park of the same name. As they describe it on their web site:

The proposal includes the following key changes:

  • Replacement of an existing grass field with artificial turf
  • Removal of at least 1.5 hectares of forest to make way for a second turf field
  • Installation of tournament lighting towers on both proposed fields, allowing these fields to operate after dark
  • Additional parking plus a clubhouse and other sports club and tournament services

    There has been minimal consultation with area residents about these plans. Here are some of the issues residents are concerned about:
  • Loss of this forested area would have a negative impact to the overall quality of life to many people of diverse backgrounds in our community
  • Loss of this forested area would also represent a significant loss of ecological value and is a contravention of the District’s strategic commitment to tree retention and environmental sustainability
  • Increased traffic and noise, with fields operating year-round and late into the evening
  • The impact of artificial turf on health and safety
  • The loss of informal recreational space used by young families who live in the area and other residents, in favour of pay-to-play fields targeted to visiting sports teams

If this interests you, you should also be paying attention to the upcoming revision of the District Parks Bylaw.  These changes will impact every park user.  Check out the minutes and video from last May's Council Workshop.

And while still on Parks, do check out he new Lynn Valley Link trail loop, running from Princess Park, to Inter River, up to and beyond the suspension bridge, and across the Baden Powell back to the park.  The official launch is next weekend, and you should get out and hike part of it.


jsilver said...

Thanks for helping us spread the word about the turf fields issue, Barry. You can follow this and other Inter-River issues on Twitter @DNVLorax.

Anonymous said...

' removal of at least 1.5 hectares of forest '

It's not of great concern to me either way, but for the record a HECTARE is an area 100 m x 100 m. Since a metre is around 3.25 feet, a hectare is the area equivalent to a rectangle 325 ft x 325 ft. multiply by 1.5 to get the area the project will cut back. It's really not very much and certainly not any environmental disaster. (IMHO).

top rated essay writing service said...

It is a great initiative and will be very good for the people of the area to get a second field. It will reduce the burden on the first one and get more people to play.

Anonymous said...

BS that there’s been minimal consultation. Read the report on line.
The fields are needed and this is a case of NIMBY ism to the nth degree.
This is good for youth so get over it folks.

Anonymous said...

And it appears Council has directed District Staff in Parks to advance the two field option. I guess the local residents voices were not heard or considered.