Sunday, October 15, 2017

Real Estate Prices, Here and There.

Who says Vancouver real estate is out of control? In much of the Vancouver region you can pick up a habitable house for around 1.3 million.

Then again, if you spend the same amount in Normandy you can get:
Spacious 18th Century 6 Bedroom Petit Chateau with Coach House and Stables and Dovecote set on 7.4 acres of Garden and Grounds with orchard, small Lake and far reaching Views. Approached over it's own tree lined private driveway this superb property offers 300 m² of living space with the potential to create further accommodation in the attic and lower ground floors. Located 45 minutes from the regional capital of Caen and 15 minutes from a town with main line railway connections to Paris (2 hrs). The property which provides a large comfortable family home has huge potential to create a Chambre d'Hotes and Gite accommodation if required. Many original features are retained including Parquet floors and Marble fireplaces. 

Are we mad to live here?


Anonymous said...

Mad to live here?

Dunno. Depends if you can handle your mortgage as rates increase.

Are THEY mad to live THERE?

Don't forget to lop 25% ( around 325,000) off the Vancouver home price of 1.3 mil to put things into the same currency.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the commute to my job is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Translink spokesperson discussing Mussatto's suggestion to extend skytrain to N. Shore on news today. Translink projects a 50% increase in regional population over the next 30 years. Think about it. 50% more in most our lifetimes. 50% more draw upon our already overtaxed infrastructure. Property prices and rents will continue to skyrocket. Schools, hospitals, roadways, transit, shopping all intolerably congested with 50% more users. Emergency and social services swamped. 50% more requirement for water, power, waste disposal. Taxes going crazy to try to ramp up services and facilities to meet the demand.

Yes. If we continue to fiddle while Rome burns we are mad. Paradise Lost.

Anonymous said...

Mad? Not really. Just think of all the places we could afford to live when we homeowners retire! :-D