Thursday, October 05, 2017

"The Global Canadian" hits the streets

In an age when printed newspapers are supposed to be dying off, the North Shore just added a new publication.  The Global Canadian can be found in a handful of locations in North and West Vancouver, with broader distribution (and a web site) coming soon.

The new paper is the brainchild of Gagandeep Ghuman, perhaps best known for the Squamish Reporter, which took aim at the North Shore News' sister publication The Squamish Chief

The Global Canadian is a broadsheet, a format that seems to say "serious journalism," and it seems that Ghuman likes long form journalism that allows the writer to really dig into a story.   The question he'll need to answer is whether North Shore Readers (and advertisers) will prefer the more hard news style of his paper over the light and breezy North Shore News.

Included in Issue One are stories on:
  • Horseshoe Bay ferry pollution
  • the ONNI bowling alley
  • Edgemont trash cans
  • Mayor Walton's higher learning
  • West Van's bridge to nowhere
  • Bike lane opinions
  • A two page infographic about North Shore churchgoers.

You can find the paper at:

WV Locations

Marine Drive and 25th (Dundarave, outside IGA grocery store)

Marine and 15th street (Behind bus stop, outside the gas station)

6330 Bay street (Horseshoe Bay, across from Blenz coffee shop near the ferry terminal)

Bellevue and 17th (outside CIBC bank, east of Fresh St Market)

CNV Locations

Lonsdale between 13th and 14th (Outside Scotiabank)

Lonsdale between 14th and 15th (Outside McNews)

Lonsdale between 16th and 17th (Outside Loblaws)

Lonsdale between 17 and 18th (Across from Browns)

Esplanade and Lonsdale (Outside the Pinnacle Hotel)

Brooksbank and Cotton Rd (The bus stop besides the mall)

DNV Locations

Edgemont and Crescentview drive (outside HSBC bank)

Edgemont and Highland (Outside COBS Bread)

Woodbine and Edgemont

Pemberton and 15th (Outside ethnic food aisle)

Gallant Ave and Panorama (Deep Cove, outside Café Orso)


Anonymous said...

You can add Delany's Coffee House in Edgemont to supplying copies of the Global Canadian. Too bad the editor didn't include a bio of his newspaper first edition. The good news the only hit on Google'search engine ..... IS North Vancouver

One draw back is the front page story about ONNI bowling alley. Readers are directed to P14, as though P14 is different from page 14. In reality the continuing story from the Front pages is on Page 7.

It's only a hiccup of an error, maybe intentional to force readers to peruse every page to find the missing article, starting from P14 to page 7.

Competition to the North Shore News is welcome as long as the global canadian remains independent of promoting one candidate over another at municipal, provincial and federally elections.

Anonymous said...

A good read. Enjoyed the in-depth writing. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

An impressive first edition. I like the transparency of the local news. It is worrisome the council members ignore what the voters want especially low cost housing for our nurses,police,firefighters and traffic congestion. I hope you will get enough advertising revenue to support the in depth international section.

Anonymous said...

'Sold Out' in Deep Cove, I would love to check it out but are there copies left anywhere? How frequently will they Publish?

Anonymous said...

It will be published a couple times a month. I found lots of copies at 15th and Lonsdale, outside McNews last week. The North Shore News and North Van Politics has lost its way during the past few years.

So this little rag will be like a breath of fresh air where rancid backroom politics seems to pull the strings of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

"The Global Canadian" is a heavy moniker. If your bread and butter is local maybe it should be called something a little more bite sized.

"The Local Canadian"
"The Shore"
"North Shore Express" (a little history there)

If your goal isn't local, but a large network of local media, then the "Global" brand is already pretty saturated.

The name matters, I don't think I will be advertising in "The Global Canadian" because it is not associated with my target market.

Anonymous said...

Extremely impressive publication. Excellent mix of articles. I really enjoyed the article "Muslims lift the Veil off Niqab" which featured many Muslims recounting how the face veil is neither essential to their faith nor a matter of choice or empowerment but rather a tool to control women. This publication is so much better than the North Shore News which has fallen so far from its past glory.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, the library in West Vancouver has lots of copies as does the seniors center.

Anonymous said...

The NS News has always basically been a folder to deliver flyers and sell cars and condos in. The Global Canadian is a very refreshing read!

Anonymous said...

Do I prefer this to the pc "light and breezy North Shore news" IN A WORD, YES!

Kudos to Mr. Gagandeep Ghuman for telling it like it is! I found this newspaper at Capilano Branch, District Library. So releived that someone is finally telling it like it is. Listen up City of North Vancouver (slate) with your hand-in-pocket relationship with developers.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that a print newspaper would venture out in this instant news world. I have mixed feeilings ... with’change’ being the central theme in what I managed ro read I was left disappointed. Do we really need another ‘disention rag’ promoting and adding more micro needs to the broad dissatisfaction of the populace when we have huge issues on the north shore (i.e. over population, housing, impacts to infrastructure, inadequate transit, reduction of green spaced, misappropriation of road surfaces to low-use modes,) that get insufficient attention? Will look out for another publication before concluding on whether this is a poditive addition to our social millieu.

Anonymous said...

The box outside HSBC in Edgemont Village has been empty for a week now. Can someone come and put some papers in it or remove the box.


Isabel Ozanic said...

Anonymous said....too much anonymity! A self serving comment section to the extreme! Might this paper only be a reverse image of the "PC" Northshore News it espouses to be not! Just dressed up in righteous garb. By the way, I'm mildly irritated by this whiny "citizen" who keeps disturbing the "neglect" that our local nature has such gaul to inflict on their eyes. I'm kinda fond of the "seaweed, wood, and other debris" the ocean so lovingly leaves behind in her quest to remind us that before we annoying talking monkeys came, she was quite happy, thank you very much! Cheers!