Sunday, January 28, 2018 Like a Phoenix!

It seems that reports of the death of this blog may have been premature.  At the last minute John Sharpe stepped back in, and will surely get things back to their usual lively self.
Many thanks to John for deciding to take on the job once again.

In the meantime be sure to take time to check out some local stories of note:

Therapy Dogs Want Pat On The Back, But Heartless CNV Passes The Buck
(Quille) Kaddon is the program manager for Vancouver Ecovillage, a non-profit that enables ordinary pets to become therapy dogs after a four-month rigorous training program. Kaddon says she was shocked when she found out that City of North Vancouver has denied a dog licence exemption for three therapy dogs which are in North Vancouver.
At a recent council meeting, the council voted to not grant an exemption for therapy dogs. Instead, the council is writing a letter to the province asking that it create legislation for therapy dogs in the same manner that it regulates the guide dogs. The city does provide free dog licences to the guide and service dogs because there are certificate programs and it is regulated through provincial legislation.
North Vancouver school trustees vote themselves 2% raise
The board of education voted Tuesday to give themselves a 2.2 per cent raise for the period July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018....
Trustees Cyndi Gerlach, Barry Forward, Franci Stratton and Christie Sacré voted in favour of the increase. Trustee Jessica Stanley abstained and trustees Megan Higgins and Susan Skinner were opposed.
Thanks To Your Taxes, Mayor Walton Now Knows More
If you live in the District of North Vancouver, you can take pride in the fact that a small portion of your tax revenue helped pay for Mayor Richard Walton’s education. Mayor Walton was reimbursed $9,647 for a Directors Education program course he took recently.
The DEP program is jointly developed by the Institute of Corporate Directors and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. The program fee is $17,500 plus taxes for all modules, along with a $500 application fees.
According to the school, the 12-day course is taught by leading governance experts delivered in four three-day modules and offers practical learning to help directors navigate the boardroom intricacies.
(For those who were looking last fall, The Global Canadian newspaper is now available on-line, and on Facebook.  They would appreciate your clicks and likes.)