Friday, February 16, 2018

True democracy starts with the municipal

Greater public attention to the importance of municipal government in Canada is long overdue. In many respects, local government is the level of government closest to the people, and the state of democracy in the country as a whole is closely related to the state of democracy at the local level. The fact that voter participation in local elections has declined to abysmal levels is a symptom of the so-called "democracy deficit" that has now spread to the provincial and federal levels.


Keith said...

Perhaps one thing we could do is experiment in some places with how we vote. That is what's happening this year in London, Ontario

Lyle Craver said...

I do not object to a ranked ballot but take STRONG exception to any form of proportional representation that is either multi-member or from a party list. I expect to vote for my member and expect my member to be responsible for his/her constituents.

I had a passport issue last year relating to my daughter who was overseas and am convinced the MPs intervention made the difference between her problem getting sorted out in 3 days rather than 3 months.

I don't think someone off a party list or one of a team would have taken the direct hand that our MP did. So for me any system that breaks the one to one between representative and constituent is a very bad thing for Canada and for BC.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the post from two days ago was removed?

Charles Christian said...

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